My Terms for the
Integrative Coaching program


Please find below my coaching program and commitment to clients that clearly articulates and confirms all the policies and practices that I would like us to follow so as to ensure absolute clarity and understanding.

I have followed for almost 25 years a strict policy as set by my original Tai Chi Master and as such would like to continue with this tradition with my clients. The key principle behind this philosophy is that of valuing and recognizing, not only my time and commitment but as importantly that of yours as well.

This work is donation based, with funds going to those in need. It is a vocation and purpose which I truly love, believe in and am committed to. I have had the unique experience of having had almost 30 years of dedicated training in this field and as such anticipate that those who do choose to work with me, under my guidance will recognize and value such.

In our work together I will honour your commitment with 100% reciprocal effort and love towards you. All I require is that you too take this practice seriously and earnestly and are prepared to take full responsibility for yourself and your actions in order to develop and grow. Yes, it does require discipline, time, a financial commitment, hard work and daily self-awareness but the rewards are massive.

Essentially my “job” is to help you “rediscover” the Master/Truth that resides in all of us and to unlock the true potential that is, and has always been within us. As my Master has always said, “there are no short cuts, other than the correct method” and thus our mutual commitment is required.

The coaching program and associated practice is based upon the principle that a stable external and internal (nervous system) environment is required to assist with deeper “inner” stability and awakening.

This practice is one of self awareness and to learn from what life presents us, so as to move towards Absolute Truth and Energetic Independence. Whilst the practice is focused on Spiritual growth I work on the principle that we are all ”Spiritual Beings having a Human experience, not human beings having a Spiritual experience”. Thus it is the necessary human experience that will provide us with the insight to transition towards permanent peace and freedom. 

Each of us already have a foundation which is in various states of stability – these are our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies. Any parts of our foundation that are not yet fully stable will limit our spiritual progress and thus, this program is designed to identify where attention may be required.

This coaching program is not just a psychotherapy process although due attention is given to psychological factors and one’s “story”.

The goal here is to transcend the limits of the mind.

In a nutshell, in order to awaken to the TRUTH that we already are, we need to learn how to fully integrate our human experience (and all its wonderful characteristics and relationships) with our own unique “spiritual” journey. 

Our Agreement

Below is an outline of an understanding of our agreement going forward should you wish to work with me.

That I am to be your Integrative coach essentially using the practices and insights I have learned from ancient traditions such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong, the Vedas and various other philosophies as well as from my own personal life experiences.
Holistic means I engage with all of you on the inner and outer levels (body, mind, heart and soul) and its impact on your relationships, business and health.
This might also involve a degree of physical energy practice such as Tai Chi and Chi Gong (if appropriate) and meditation, movement, breath work, diet and body awareness.
The teachings are not based on any one religious or cultural bias and reference is made at times to a variety of spiritual truths drawn from a variety of ancient teachings and from respected masters.

My terms for private lessons are as follows

Private lessons, which are donation based, take place at my home in Plett or online. These are charged at a rate/60 min session and if appropriate and mutually possible to go over our allotted time I will ask your permission to extend. This will be charged at a lesser rate for each additional half hour. Fees will be discussed prior to our first session.
The first session is a 2hr chargeable “chemistry session”
Thereafter fees are paid 5 lessons in advance.
Fees are negotiable based on personal circumstances however this will need to be discussed openly in a session beforehand.
Frequency will typically be once per week and we may decide to vary the length and or frequency and can discuss this if and when it comes up for either of us.
If a session is missed by you, payment is still due unless the reasons are extreme in which case we can discuss the matter (following the principle of taking “total responsibility” for what happens to us). A 24hr cancellation policy applies unless in case of emergency.
I will always be flexible to move sessions around if I can and the more advanced notice you give me the better chance I will have to accommodate you.
Sessions at times can be conducted on Zoom, and or similar devices when issues of distance and locality are involved and or when either of us are travelling. This is so as to ensure a continuity of the process which is required for optimal results.
We commit to always speaking the truth no matter how difficult and always with deep respect and love from the heart
I may at times refer you to other practitioners, coaches or modalities if I believe they will assist us in our work and at times will share your information in confidence with my coach (mentor) with whom I am constantly in communication with.
Should we decide to terminate the relationship at any time we mutually commit to one final session in order to close the loop.
All matters discussed are strictly confidential and will be honoured.
I hope that this creates clarity and at the same time confirms the type of commitment I require from all that attend and who truly want to embark on an authentic journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

With love and respect,