I walked into my apartment that night and started crying. How could I feel like this straight after achieving my dream. The launch of my new business had been a complete success, the sky was the limit… and I was only 22. I was dating a beautiful girl, driving a fancy car, I had great family and friends. My years in Pro Tennis had taught me how to aim for a goal, and have the discipline to achieve it. And now years of hard work had paid off, triumphantly, in the opening night. I should feel great. But I didn’t.

I have sometimes thought of that moment as the time when my personal journey towards true freedom and happiness began. But really those seeds had been planted many years before. My journey is not over, I am still on that path. I invite you walk with me a bit, share your story, express your challenges to someone who understands, and perhaps find some new insights into yourself.

It’s okay, not being okay. But what you resist will persist, and what you embrace will transform you. Maybe the things that are bothering/worrying/hurting you are the catalysts you need for the change you want.

You are the hero in your life’s journey. Pick up some new weapons, tools and skills that improve your overall level of vitality and performance and can also be effective in managing anxiety and depression. Realising who we are beyond temporary happiness can help us strike a balance that creates a more joyful and meaningful life.

I believe we are here to take each other “home” and I look forward to the shared journey and experience with you. As a coach I draw upon my life experience, my teachers (past and present), my challenges (past and present), my “triumphs”, “failures”, insights and tools and its with great excitement and gratitude that I am able to offer and share these with you. I hope some of it resonates for you.

I am certainly not a self-proclaimed guru or master, but simply a fellow spiritual aspirant who loves to share his experiences and grow together with others, for our mutual benefit.

I share a holistic program (mind, body and spirit) that is focused around my personal journey, the challenges of learning to let go on many levels and yield to “what is”. This starts at body level and aims at empowering YOU to discover what may be blocking or inhibiting your natural flow.

In addition to Personal Coaching I also facilitate Retreats, Talks and Qi Gong Instruction

What I share is a holistic program and way of thinking that I believe is current for todays modern world and this can be taught to anyone who is sincerely looking for a deeper insight into themselves and a desire to “master” ones life. This process of SELF discovery and SELF love not only enhances the life of Oneself but as importantly, enhances that of many others.