I would like to invite you to journey with me toward that which we all seek, that which we ALL are, that which we are destined to return to and embody i.e. sustainable, everlasting, permanent Freedom…the “peace that surpasses all understanding, that which never changes”.
I am certainly not there yet!

This offering to join me (as a fellow journey person) is both an invitation and a request to explore together and to make use of this as a resource to discover what works for you and assist you (and me) on this mysterious path.

I believe we are here to take each other “home” and I look forward to the shared journey and experience with you. As a coach I draw upon my life experience, my teachers (past and present), my challenges (past and present), my “triumphs”, “failures”, insights and tools and its with great excitement and gratitude that I am able to offer and share these with you. I hope some of it resonates for you.

I am certainly not a self-proclaimed guru or master, but simply a fellow spiritual aspirant who loves to share his experiences and grow together with others, for our mutual benefit.

I share a holistic program (mind, body and spirit) that is focused around my personal journey, the challenges of learning to let go on many levels and yield to “what is”. This starts at body level and aims at empowering YOU to discover what may be blocking or inhibiting your natural flow. These movements are purposefully gentle and slow, so as to invite you to go deep within, while at the same time increasing your vital force (chi) and energetic shield. Whilst this practice of Qi Gong is a martial art, the focus is not on fighting skills but more so on leaning towards the cultivation and unlocking of your inherent energy and life force. Then, through self-awareness and letting go, the release/relief can be found.

Richi Lubner BIO

In 1994 I moved to Australia, after pursuing a career as a professional tennis player on the ATP World tour, to complete a Masters in Business at the AGSM in Sydney. As destiny would have it in the same year I discovered one of my mentors and very close friend Master Xie Shoude. This was to become the beginning of an incredible journey into the discovery of the ancient alchemy, energy and self mastery of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Now almost 26 years on and after countless hours of extensive training, study and a multitude of first hand life and business experience I feel more qualified to share this art and insight with others. I currently live in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.